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You Decide Series (Six Books)

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  • Each of these innovative storybooks follows a main character through a single day as he/she makes choices about how to behave
  • Teach children techniques to cope with a variety of common life issues
  • Includes 6 storybooks and 6 workbooks
  • Ages: 7-10

Each of these innovative storybooks follows a main character through a single day as he/she makes choices about how to behave. Different choices lead to different pages in the book, with different outcomes. The accompanying workbooks reinforce 12 emotional intelligence skills that will reduce stress and guide children to outcomes where they will find greater self-determination and success. Storybooks are 48-pages; workbooks are 66-pages; spiral bound.

Series includes one each of the following 6 titles:

You Decide About Coping with Loss - Follow Tyrone as he learn to overcome his anger and sadness over his father’s terminal illness.When someone you love is dying it is hard to know what to do, but as a reader finds out, some choices are definitely better than others. 

You Decide About Handling Your Anger  - Follow David as he learns to control his temper and better handle everyday problems and frustrations. David's good choices result in positive feedback from others and a better understanding of his problems, but his poor choices only cause more problems. 

You Decide About Dealing With Fears  - Follow Sasha as she learns to cope with her fears and anxieties. Childhood fears and worries are often very troublesome, but they can be overcome. 

You Decide About Teasing & Bullying  - Margaret and some of her friends decide to form a teasing club at school. One friend, Gillie, is faced with decisions about staying in the club or protecting the victims of Margaret's meanness. 

You Decide About Handling Frustration  - Follow Ryan as he learns how to appropriately deal with frustrating situations. As children learn to more effectively cope with frustration, both their schoolwork and interpersonal relationships will improve.

You Decide About Coping With Divorce - Follow the story of Annie, a young girl who is often in the middle of her parents angry divorce. It takes a long time for children to adjust to their parents' divorce, and it is not usually a smooth road. But the more opportunities children have to express and understand their feelings, the easier this transition will be.

Each activity in the workbooks consists of five parts:

  • An explanation of the techniques
  • An opportunity to practice the techniques
  • A fill-in-the-blank story about the techniques
  • An activity to create positive thoughts
  • An art activity that helps reinforce the techniques by stimulating a child's imagination