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You Decide About Dealing With Fears Book & Workbook

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  • Follow Sasha as she learns to cope with her fears
  • Teach children 12 techniques to deal with their fears and anxieties
  • Ages: 7-10

In this book, written by Lawrence E. Shapiro, Ph.D., Sasha is afraid of many things, particularly speaking or performing in front of others. As she prepares for her evening piano recital, she must make decisions about giving in to her fears or coping with them. Childhood fears and worries are often very troublesome, but they can be overcome. Sasha faces twelve critical decisions about whether to give in to her fears or deal with them. Some decisions make her feel even worse, while others make her proud of her accomplishments. 48-pages, spiral-bound.

The workbook is designed to help children learn twelve techniques to deal with their fears and anxieties, with the support of a caring adult. These techniques are commonly used in treatment programs for fearful and anxious children. There is no right or wrong way to use this workbook, as long as you respect the right of children to understand and cope with their problems at their own pace. 66-pages, spiral-bound.

Each activity consists of five parts:
- An explanation of the technique
- An opportunity to practice the technique
- A fill-in-the-blank story about the technique
- An activity to create positive thoughts
- An art activity that helps reinforce the technique by stimulating a child's imagination

This product is also part of the You Decide Series.