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You Decide About Coping With Divorce Book & Workbook

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  • Follow the story of Annie, a young girl who is often in the middle of her parents angry divorce
  • Teach children 12 techniques to cope with the stress of parental divorce
  • Ages: 7-10

In the book, written by Greg Elkins, Annie keeps getting put in the middle of her parents very angry divorce. Sometimes she enjoys the extra attention from her parents, but other times she feels helpless. As Annie faces twelve different decisions, she must make one of three choices, and each choice will lead to a different outcome. Some of the decisions feel right to Annie, but hurt her father's or her mother's feelings. Other decisions show that she can cope with the problems faced by all children of divorce and respect the feelings of others while standing up for herself. 48-pages, spiral-bound.

The workbook, by Lawrence E. Shapiro, Ph.D., is designed to help children learn twelve techniques to cope with the stress of divorce. It takes a long time for children to adjust to their parents' divorce, and it is not usually a smooth road. But the more opportunities children have to express and understand their feelings, the easier this transition will be. There is no right or wrong way to use this workbook, as long as you respect the right of children to understand and cope with their problems at their own pace. 66-pages, spiral-bound.

Each activity consists of five parts:
An explanation of the technique
An opportunity to practice the technique
A fill-in-the-blank story about the technique
An activity to create positive thoughts
An art activity that helps reinforce the technique by stimulating a child's imagination

This product is also part of the You Decide Series.