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The Helping, Sharing, and Caring Collection

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  • Help children develop social skills and attitudes to improve their relationships 
  • Topics include self-esteem, kindness, safety, ethics, values, health, and more
  • Includes a board game, card game, script book, workbook, and more
  • Ages: 4-12

Help children develop the social skills and attitudes that will improve their relationships with friends, family, and other adults. Using the multi-media tools found in this collection, kids learn about the importance of self-esteem, kindness, safety, ethics, values, health, empathy, consideration of others, and sympathy.

Collection includes one each of the following:

Helping, Sharing, and Caring Board Game This fun board game helps children develop critical communication and social skills. The purpose of this game is to provide an enjoyable game in the context of which important issues are introduced. A wide variety of issues are focused on: self-esteem, manners, safety, ethics, values, health, consideration for others, interpersonal relations, the value of learning, sympathy, empathy, and competence.

Helping, Sharing, and Caring Card Game This card game is designed to teach children the importance of helping, sharing, and caring in a fun way. As they play, children learn to match the solution to the given problem. 

Helping, Sharing, and Caring Script book This book is designed to teach children the skills they need to think about their behavior, recognize how it affects others, and work toward changing negative patterns. As they say the words and practice the skills that are most effective for positive behavior change, they learn how to handle real-life situations. The eight scripts deal with kindness, empathy, good manners, sharing, respecting yourself, safety and health, doing the right thing, and helping others. Discussion questions follow each script, focusing on the skills the script is designed to teach.

Helping, Sharing, and Caring Workbook Containing more than 60 activities, games, and puzzles, this book helps to reinforce the social skills that are so important in making friends. Designed to help children learn, value, and practice altruistic attitudes and behaviors towards others and themselves. Children learn how their own caring thoughts and actions help to make their immediate world, and the world in general, a better place. Includes reproducible handouts.

Helping, Sharing, and Caring Counseling Ball A great way to reinforce important values on a daily basis. Ball inflates to approximately 8 inches. Ball is latex free and arrives deflated, pump required.

Air Pump (to inflate the ball)

Tote bag