The Helping, Sharing, and Caring Workbook with CD

Product Number : 67238

Ages: 4-12. By Lisa M. Schab, LCSW with Richard A. Gardner, M.D. Containing more than 60 activities, games, and puzzles, this book helps to reinforce the social skills that are so important in making friends. Designed to help children learn, value, and practice altruistic attitudes and behaviors towards others and themselves. Children learn how their own caring thoughts and actions help to make their immediate world, and the world in general, a better place.

This workbook is divided into eight areas: Kindness, Empathy, Good Manners, Sharing, Respecting Yourself, Safety and Health, Doing the Right Thing, and Helping Others. Each section of the book teaches the importance of the particular topic area, and specific ways to express this virtue through thoughts, words, and actions. Children are able to practice the concepts by completing simple activities, puzzles, and games. This workbook is 88-pages, spiral-bound, and includes a CD.

This workbook is also part of The Helping, Sharing, and Caring Collection.

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