Helping Sharing Caring Scriptbook

Product Number : 340915

Ages: 4-12. By Hennie Shore with Richard A. Gardner, M.D. This book is designed to teach children the skills they need to think about their behavior, recognize how it affects others, and work toward changing negative patterns. It gives them a fun and educational forum in which they can enact familiar scenarios and effect positive outcomes. As they say the words and practice the skills that are most effective for positive behavior change, they learn how to handle real-life situations. The eight scripts deal with kindness, empathy, good manners, sharing, respecting yourself, safety and health, doing the right thing, and helping others. Discussion questions follow each script, focusing on the skills the script is designed to teach. 108-page, spiral-bound scriptbook.

This scriptbook is also part of The Helping, Sharing, and Caring Collection.

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