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Roll A Role Series - Five Games

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  • Help children practice social skills in a safe and fun environment
  • Includes 3 Roll-A-Roll cubes and five card games
  • For 2-8 players
  • Ages: 6-10

Children learn new skills best when they can practice them in safe and fun situations. Series consists of three large Roll-A-Role cubes and five card games. Each card game has 2 decks of cards; one deck of cards focuses on "people," the other deck focuses on "situations." Each cube has a pocket in which to insert a card. Players roll the cubes and follow the instructions on the card that turns up. Players win points for using an appropriate "Positive Action" as outlined in the game.

Includes one of each card game:

A Game of Anger Management:
Many children have problems controlling their anger and expressing it in appropriate ways. This game is designed to help children learn a variety of anger-control techniques by practicing them in common situations that often trigger inappropriate responses. 

A Social Skills Game:
Social skills are an important part of a child's emotional intelligence. This game is designed to help children learn a variety of friend-making skills. 

A Game of Non-Verbal Communication:
Many children have difficulty reading nonverbal language. They may misread facial cues, posture, gestures, voice tone, or any other subtle aspects of nonverbal communication. This game is designed to help children pay more attention to the nonverbal aspects of communication. It is intended to help them be aware of both of their own nonverbal language, as well as nonverbal language used by others. 

A Bullying Prevention Game:
Every day, countless children face bullies at school, on the playground, and in their neighborhoods. This game presents problems children commonly encounter and provides them with techniques to respond to those problems. 

A Good Behavior Game:
This game is designed to teach children a range of positive behaviors that can be used with common situations that often trigger misbehavior.