Roll A Role: An Anger Management Game Cubes & Cards

Product Number : 389920

Ages: 6-10. This game offers a fun-filled and relaxed atmosphere for therapeutic intervention around issues of anger. Many children have problems controlling their anger and expressing it in appropriate ways. This game is designed to help children learn a variety of anger-control techniques by practicing them in common situations that often trigger inappropriate responses. Role-playing their responses can help children incorporate the techniques into their behavioral repertoire. 2-8 players.

Each cube has a pocket in which to insert a card. Players roll the cubes and follow the instructions on the card that turns up. Players win points for using an appropriate "Positive Action" as outlined in the game.

These cards can also be purchased separately; see product 389922.

3 Roll-A-Role Cubes
50 Problem cards
18 Solution cards
6 Number cards
24 Think About It cards
100 Chips

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