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The Stress Management Program Cards

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  • Help group members learn about managing stress
  • Discuss the causes of stress and a variety of coping methods
  • Includes 75 cards and instructions
  • Ages: 12 and up

These cards are designed to help group members learn more about themselves and their effectiveness in managing stress. The cards cover a wide variety of topics related to stress including level of stress, healthy lifestyles, coping with stress, resilient personality, and time management.

Program Card Examples:

  • Sample from Coping with Stress: What services are available in your community to help you cope with stress?
  • Sample from Healthy Lifestyle: How does a sense of wellness lead to hope and optimism in your life?
  • Sample from Level of Stress: Describe to the group a time when you experienced stress after a traumatic event.
  • Sample from Resilient Personality: How could you view a stressful situation in your life as interesting?
  • Sample from Time Management: Share with the group one way you could stop procrastinating.

It is recommended that this deck of cards be used in conjunction with The Stress Management Program Book.

The Stress Management Program Cards are also included in The Stress Management Book & Cards Set.