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The Stress Management Book & Cards Set

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  • Help users identify their ability to manage stress
  • Discuss strategies for coping with stress, healthy lifestyle, stress levels, resiliency, and time management
  • The spiral bound book is 108 pages and includes easily reproducible handouts/activities
  • The Stress Management Program Cards includes 75 cards
  • Ages: 12 and up

This set contains The Stress Management Book as well as The Stress Management Program Cards.

The Stress Management Program Book: Help teens and adults develop the stress management skills they need for healthy living in a variety of settings! This spiral bound volume includes 5 modules in 5 relevant topics: Coping with Stress, Healthy Lifestyle, Level of Stress, Resilient Personality, and Time Management. Each module contains a self assessment, scoring directions, outlined group activity, pre-and post-test, and personal insights section. The program provides educational handouts and group treatment activities. The self-assessment inventories help users to identify their ability to manage stress. Additional handouts are reproducible. Book is 108 pages and spiral-bound.

The Stress Management Program Cards: These cards are designed to help group members learn more about themselves and their effectiveness in managing stress. The cards cover a wide variety of topics related to stress including level of stress, healthy lifestyles, coping with stress, resilient personality, and time management.

Program Card Examples:

  • Sample from Coping with Stress: What services are available in your community to help you cope with stress?
  • Sample from Healthy Lifestyle: How does a sense of wellness lead to hope and optimism in your life?
  • Sample from Level of Stress: Describe to the group a time when you experienced stress after a traumatic event.
  • Sample from Resilient Personality: How could you view a stressful situation in your life as interesting?
  • Sample from Time Management: Share with the group one way you could stop procrastinating.