Spectacular Guidance Activities: Book with CD Childswork/Childsplay — Childs Work Childs Play

Spectacular Guidance Activities: 101 Fun & Meaningful Lessons Book

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  • Great tool for school counseling programs
  • May be used in class lessons, with individuals, or in small groups
  • Follows the ASCA standards for students
  • Grades: K-6

This book, written by Diane Senn, Ed.S., provides activities that can be used as part of a school counseling program, can be used by other school personnel or by any helping professional with the intent to help children maximize their potential in the areas of living (personal/social development), learning (academic development), and working (career development). The activities can be utilized in class lessons, with individuals, in small group counseling, and in some cases can be shared through school-wide programs. The activities are divided into the three domains of our ASCA (American School Counselor Association) National Standards for Students:

Activities for LIVING (personal/social development)
Healthy Choices
Bully Prevention
Activities for LEARNING (academic development)
Study Tips
Test Taking Tips
Positive Attitude
Activities for THE WORLD OF WORK (career development)
Career Awareness (exploring the 16 Career Clusters)