55 Healing Activities for Children Activity Book

Product Number : 63003

  • Techniques in this book have been developed by experienced trauma counselors over a dozen years of working with children
  • Help children cope with ongoing stress while they heal from past hurts

  • Includes CD,???¡three different card games and mini-board games

  • Ages: 6-12

55 Favorite Healing Activities for Children by Shannon McGee and Curtis Holmes. Children who have suffered trauma and loss need compassion, understanding, and counselors that can help them cope with ongoing stress while they heal from past hurts. This book was written by experienced trauma counselors who share their favorite techniques developed over dozens of years of working with children. The book includes a wide variety of techniques and comes with three different card games and a mini-board game. Soft-cover,180 pages, plus CD. Intended for ages 6-12.


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