Life Management Skills Books with CDs Set

Product Number : 370699

By Kathy Khalsa, OTR/L & Ester Leutenberg

Set of 8 Life Management Skills books with CDs. Each volume has 50 or more reproducible activity-based handouts covering a variety of life skills topics. Save time and money by reducing your preparation with these high-quality materials that you'll use as a primary focus for individual sessions and groups. Reverse side has two suggested activities for each handout. The engaging graphics and illustrations provide an important visual aid. You'll see some popluar topics duplicated, but no handouts are the same! Books are 9-1/4" x 11", spiral bound, 112-128 pages. CD included.

Set includes 1 each of the following titles:

Life Management Skills I Topics: assertion, discharge planning, emotion identification, exercise, goal setting, leisure, motivation, nutrition, problem solving, risk taking, role satisfaction, self-awareness, self-esteem, sleep, stress management, support systems, and time management.

Life Management Skills II Topics: activities of daily living, anger management, assertion, communication: verbal, communication: non-verbal, coping skills, grief/loss, humor, life balance, money management, parenting, reminiscence, safety, self-esteem, recovery, stress management, support systems, and time management.

Life Management Skills III Topics: aging, body image, communication, conflict resolution, coping skills, creative expression, healthy living, job readiness, nurturance, relapse prevention, relationships, roles, self-awareness, self-empowerment, social skills, and stress management.

Life Management Skills IV Topics: activities of daily living, combating stigma, communication, coping with serious mental illness, home management, humor, job readiness, journalizing, leisure, parenting, relationships, responsibility, self-esteem, sexual health, social skills, stress management, suicide issues, and values.

Life Management Skills V Topics: abuse, aging, coping skills, grief, interpersonal skills, leisure, making changes, medication management, parenting, positive attitude, recovery, relationships, self-esteem, self-expression, and supports.

Life Management Skills VI Topics: anxiety/fear, expressive arts, goal setting, healthy living, independent living skills, interpersonal skills, leisure, personal responsibility, positive outlook, recovery, relationships, self-esteem, spirituality, stress management, and therapeutic treatment.

Life Management Skills VII Topics: activities of daily living, anxiety, communication, coping, emotions, goals, leisure, money management, productive/work activities, recovery, relapse prevention, relationships, responsibility, self-esteem, skill development, social skills, spirituality, and time management.

Life Management Skills VIII Topics: activities of daily living, communication, coping & recovery skills, discharge planning, emotions, grief/loss, leisure, living with mental illness, physical health, positive thinking, relationships, self-esteem, spiritual support, stress management, and substance abuse recovery.

Books also sold individually.

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