Life Management Skills VI Book & Cards Set

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Life Management Skills VI Book:
By Kathy L. Korb-Khalsa, OTR/L and Estelle A. Leutenberg. This book is filled with fun, innovative, and informative reproducilbe activity handouts and is organized in a logical manner, designed for specific well-defined purposes, and is activity-based allowing for extensive client involvement. The handouts are adaptable and have a broad usage enabling therapists, social workers, nurses, teachers, psychologists, counselors, and other professionals to focus on specific goals with their specified population. Some of the topics in the book include anxiety/fear, goal setting, independent living skills, expressive therapy, healthy living, interpersonal skills, positive outlook, and more. 122 pages, spiral-bound, includes CD of activities.

Life Management Skills VI Cards:
These cards are designed to facilitate discussions & development of life management skills. They cover a wide variety of topics. 4-14 players. 63 cards, 9 blank cards, instructions.

When you are angry with a close family member or friend, how do you handle it?
What is something you are working on for your own self-growth or improvement? How do you know you are making progress? Do others see it?

This book is also part of the Life Management Skills Books & Cards Set.

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