Instant Help Books for Children Set of 14

Product Number : 1482A

  • Helpful advice and activities written by experienced clinicians??í
  • Each book contains 40-50 activities
  • Can be used in either individual or group sessions
  • Ages: 6-12

This set of practical workbooks was written by experienced clinicians and leading experts in the field of child counseling. Each book contains 40 to 50 activities designed to teach the critical cognitive and behavioral skills children need to overcome their problems. The activities are effective whether used in group or individual sessions and can also be sent home to be used between sessions.

Set includes one each of the following 14 books:

  • I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Mad Workbook
  • Let's Be Friends Workbook
  • Learning To Listen, Learning To Care Workbook
  • I Bet...I Won't Fret Workbook
  • Knowing Yourself, Knowing Others Workbook
  • Say Goodbye To Being Shy Workbook
  • My Feeling Better Workbook
  • Finding Sunshine After The Storm Workbook
  • The Divorce Workbook for Children
  • Why Did You Die? Workbook
  • Coping With Tourette Syndrome Workbook
  • My Lifebook Journal Workbook
  • The Relaxation Stress Reduction Workbook
  • Cool, Calm, and Confident Workbook

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