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  • Build your collection of games to address common problems of childhood!
  • Fun game format keeps children engaged in sessions

  • Includes the Good Behavior Game, Stop, Think, and Go Bears Game, Don't Be Difficult Game, and My 2 Homes Game

Many counselors like to have a game addressing each common problem of childhood. Each game is then used as part of the treatment protocol to teach specific cognitive/behavioral strategies that can alleviate the most prominent symptoms of each disorder. This collection addresses the problems of shyness, oppositional behavior, ADHD, and adjustment problems.


Good Behavior Game 
his game teaches children the importance of good behavior and helps them anticipate the consequences of misbehavior. Adults learn and practice two of the most effective forms of discipline for children: token reinforcement and time-out. Colorful cartoon graphics and the excitement of winning tokens makes the game fun. For 2-6 players. Ages 4-10.


Stop, Think and Go Bears Game
This adorable game is designed to help children with problems in impulse control, by teaching children the three basic steps of self-reflection: Stop, Think, and Go. Players win by getting their three bears to the finish line, practicing these important skills along the way. As players move their red, green and yellow pawns, they learn to see the consequences of their actions, to `brainstorm` solutions to common problems and to develop positive behavioral habits that reflect self- discipline and a concern for others. For 2-4 players. Ages 5-10.

Don't Be Difficult Game
A game to help children learn the consequences of both positive and negative choices. This game is designed to provide children with the opportunity to experience the negative consequences of choosing the "hard" way and the positive benefits of choosing the "right" way. As children play the game, they find themselves on the "Hard Road." In order to move back onto the "Right Road," they have to earn positive emotional currency (chips) in the form of Kindness, Trust, Respect, and Cooperation. To advance on the "Right Road" and win, players must learn ways to avoid difficult behaviors and to accept the consequences of their choices and actions. 2-6 players. Recommended for ages 7-12. 

My 2 Homes Game 
Ages: 6-12. My Two Homes is designed for children who are having difficulty adjusting to their parents' divorce. This engaging game lets children deal with problems on their own terms through play. The game was designed to be a tool to help children communicate their feelings about divorce. The game is simple enough for parents or other nonprofessionals to play with children. The object of the game is for each player to make a full circle of the game board, answering the questions about divorce. For 2-4 players.