Counselor's Collection

Product Number : 1723A

Counselor’s Game Collection

Many counselors like to have a game addressing each common problem of childhood. Each game is then used as part of the treatment protocol to teach specific cognitive/behavioral strategies that can alleviate the most prominent symptoms of each disorder. This collection addresses the problems of shyness, oppositional behavior, ADHD, and adjustment problems as a result of divorce.

Collection Includes 1 each of the following 4 games:

Good Behavior Game
This fun game teaches children the importance of good behavior and makes them aware of the consequences of misbehavior. Item # 350215
Stop, Think and Go Bears Game
This fun and challenging game is designed to help children who have problems with impulse control. Item # 350104
Don’t Be Difficult Game
This board game helps children learn the consequences of both positive and negative choices. Item # 350212
My 2 Homes Game
A game to help understand and accept divorce. This board game is designed for children who are having difficulty adjusting to thier parents' divorce. Item # 350131

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