Don't Be Difficult Board Game

Product Number : 350212

Don't Be Difficult Board Game

Ages: 7-12. A game to help children learn the consequences of both positive and negative choices. This game is designed to provide children with the opportunity to experience the negative consequences of choosing the "hard" way and the positive benefits of choosing the "right" way. As children play the game, they find themselves on the "Hard Road." In order to move back onto the "Right Road," they have to earn positive emotional currency (chips) in the form of Kindness, Trust, Respect, and Cooperation. To advance on the "Right Road" and win, players must learn ways to avoid difficult behaviors and to accept the consequences of their choices and actions. 2-6 players.

Game Board
6 Pawns
100 Chips
42 The Right Road Cards
62 The Hard Road Cards

This workbook is also part of the Don't Be Difficult Bundle.

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