Bibliotherapy Starter Set [7 Books]

Product Number : 1722A

  • Illustrated storybooks engage children in common issues
  • Help children understand and deal with their feelings

  • Includes 7 books for young children

  • Ages: 4-10

Start young children off on the road to emotional health with these charmingly illustrated and highly relevant storybooks. Each book raises a common issue that kids struggle with as they grow, and offers positive solutions and warm acceptance that can make the difference to young children.

Set includes one each of the following titles:

My Best Friend is Me!

Sometimes I Like to Fight, But I Don't Do It Much Anymore

My Body Is Mine, My Feelings Are Mine

Everything I Do You Blame on Me!

The Very Angry Day That Amy Didn't Have

Sometimes I Drive My Mom Crazy, But I Know She's Crazy About Me

My Life Turned Upside Down, But I Turned It Rightside Up

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