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My Body Is Mine, My Feelings Are Mine Book

Product Number : 367100

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  • Teach children about protecting themselves from sexual abuse
  • Learn how to prevent and handle child abuse situations
  • Includes adult guidelines
  • Ages: 4-9

Written by Susan Hoke, LCSW, ACSW and illustrated by Bruce Van Patter.

A Storybook About Body Safety for Young Children with an Adult Guidebook. This engaging storybook for young children is written to teach them important information about protecting themselves from the possibility of sexual abuse. It is recommended that the adult guidelines be read before you read this storybook with young children. 78 pages, soft-cover.

This book includes important information for all adults on keeping children safe, including:

- Body Safety Tips

- How to Detect a Child Molester

- How to Detect a Victim

- Victim Checklist

- What to Do If a Child has Been Abused

- Resources and Hotline Reporting Phone Numbers