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A Kids Book About Racism

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A clear explanation of what racism is and how to recognize it when you see it.

As tough as it is to imagine, this book really does explore racism. But it does so in a way that’s accessible to kids. Inside, you’ll find a clear description of what racism is, how it makes people feel when they experience it, and how to spot it when it happens.

Covering themes of racism, sadness, bravery, and hate. This book is designed to help get the conversation going. Racism is one conversation that’s never too early to start, and this book was written to be an introduction on the topic for kids aged 5-9.

A Kids Book About Racism features: 

– A friendly, approachable, and kid-appropriate tone throughout.
– Expressive font design; allowing kids to have the space to reflect and the freedom to imagine themselves in the words on the pages.
– An author who has lived experience on the topic of racism.