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Play 2 Learn Dominoes on Feelings Fun Game

Product Number : W-627A

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  • Teach children learn how to express both positive and negative feelings
  • Help children begin developing empathy
  • For 2-5 players.
  • Ages: 5-10

Created by Franklin Rubenstein, Ph.D. Players have fun playing dominoes while learning how to express positive and negative feelings appropriately, recognize feelings, and care about the feelings of others. Before playing a domino, a player picks a card from one of four decks and either answers a question or practices a skill. The Understanding the Feelings of Others cards help players learn to accurately perceive feelings in others. This is a vital skill for developing empathy. The Four W's cards help players identify feelings and how to deal appropriately with difficult feelings; each question starts with "Who", "What", "Why", or "When". The Action cards give players practice dealing with situations that involve strong feelings. The Talk about a Time cards, help players identify their feelings and give them the opportunity to share with other players situations that evoked a variety of feelings.

This game is also part of the Play-to-Learn Dominoes Set.