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Play 2 Learn Dominoes on Bullywise Game

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  • Help children understand bullying from the perspective of the bully, target of bullying, and bystanders
  • Teach children how to identify if a situation calls for adult aid
  • For 2-5 players
  • Ages: 5-10

Created by Franklin D. Rubenstein, Ph.D. In this new game, players have fun playing dominoes while learning how all kids can work to reduce bullying and violence. Before playing a domino, a player picks a card from one of the four decks and either answers a question or practices a skill. The cards turn the players into experts on bullying. They are called upon to give advice to targets of bullying, bystanders, and even the bullies. They also give advice on whether situations call for the aid of an adult. The Target Expert cards help players learn specific nonviolent steps that targets can take to reduce bullying. The Bystander Expert cards demonstrate the power of bystanders to reduce bullying and help players learn specific things that they can do to reduce bullying. The Bully Expert cards help bullies understand that they can achieve their goals of popularity and social status without resorting to bullying. The Getting Help cards give players guidelines about when kids should try to handle situations themselves and when going to an adult is essential.

 This game is also part of the Play-to-Learn Dominoes Set.