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Early Prevention Series (9 books)

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  • Great for classrooms or the counselor's office!
  • Each book features an animal that loses the thing he or she is known for

  • Includes 9 books

  • Ages: 4-8

The books in this unique series feature an animal that loses the very thing he or she is known for, but then regains it with the help of simple, sound advice. Great for the classroom or counselor's office.


Series includes one each of the following 9 titles:

The Lion Who Lost His Roar
Louis the Lion discovers one day that he has lost his courage when he has to play the piano and sing in public. He learns to overcome his stage fright and regain his courage.

The Rabbit Who Lost His Hop 
Ricky Rabbit has lost his self-control and his ability to hop. He just races around. A counselor helps him stop, relax, and think so he can regain control and get back his hop.

The Penguin Who Lost Her Cool
Penelope Penguin is a great student and a good friend, but sometimes she can't control her temper. She learns new anger control techniques, which help her control her temper and keep her friends.

The Hyena Who Lost Her Laugh
After a string of difficult events, Hillary loses her much-loved laugh. When she learns the secret of optimistic thinking, and changing her attitude and behavior, she soon restores her laugh.

The Horse Who Lost Her Herd
Hannah is used to leading her herd in their games. When the herd starts following another pony, Hannah sulks and gallops away. A wise owl gives her advice on how to rejoin the herd.

The Chimp Who Lost Her Chatter
Painfully shy, Charlotte rarely speaks. With the help of a counselor and meetings of The Friendship Club she learns the 4 R's to over-coming shyness: Reason, Reassurance, Relaxation, and Role-Playing.

The Bear Who Lost His Sleep
Benjamin Bear worried so much that he couldn't fall asleep when it was time to hibernate for winter. He learns how reasoning things out can help reduce anxiety.

The Koala Who Wouldn't Cooperate
Charlie was cute and always got his way. As he grew older he got into trouble when he didn't follow rules and listen to adults. He learns how to make compromises and not be inconsiderate.

The Cheetah Who Lost Her Speed
Once speedy, Coco grows slow and pudgy eating junk food and watching too much TV. Her teacher explains the importance of exercise and healthy eating. Soon Coco is back in shape and running faster than ever!