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The Anger Solution Scriptbook

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  • Help children learn how to express their angry feelings verbally
  • Give children the vocabulary to let their angry feelings out
  • The scripts deal with understanding anger, self-calming techniques, impulse control, anger awareness, and more
  • Ages: 8-12

Written by Hennie Shore. Many angry children don't have the proper language skills to use in getting their angry feelings out. They may know some of the words, but they're not clear on how or when to use them. Children with problems controlling their anger need practice in how to react to different situations. Research in cognitive psychology says that they also benefit from rehearsing what words to say. This original technique helps children learn eight different anger control techniques as they read entertaining and informative scripts.  The book can also be used for acting out plays with groups of children. 100-page spiral-bound scriptbook.

This scriptbook is also part of The Anger Solution Collection.