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Teacher Choice Award recognizes 'Stepping Up To Character'

Teacher Choice Award recognizes 'Stepping Up To Character'

Teacher Choice Award recognizes 'Stepping Up To Character'. The DVD is focused on character education for kids and teens through the use of wit, humor and a group of puppet characters. Through skits and guided brain-storming sessions the kids come to decisions about their own -- and other people's -- character.

Michael Pritchard, long considered one of "America's Most respected Youth Counselors," Child Counseling and education ignites student discussion through guided brain-storming sessions. He infuses his humor and well researched-based solutions. His dedication to youth is clearly visible.

Character Education CD for Kids Wins the award:Teachers’ Choice Awards for the Classroom winner is Stepping Up To Character. The dynamic force behind the popular  program is Michael Pritchard, one of "America's Most Respected Youth Counselors."

Child Work and the Guidance Group are thrilled to be associated with such great character education product, and proud to carry the product in our store. The “Stepping Up To Character CD” is part of the program series Stepping On Up.   Michael is able to reach children at their level through the use of entertaining skits; they are joined by his very funny puppet friends.It's a unique ability that Micheal has that can reach children of all ages and races that makes the Stepping Up To Character videos such a great series.  And, no doubt contributed to it not only winning the Teacher's Choice Award, but previously the Silver Davey Award. Geared for grade levels K-6, the program consists of four entertaining and thought provoking lessons. In each lesson includes Michael Pritchard and his friends performing skits to present a situation, with a discussion at the end. Through discussions children can interact with Michael and brainstorm ideas that help them better understand and learn from the lesson. The Power of Respect: Lesson 1.Students learn how to respect people's differences and points of view. They learn how to resolve issues without violence and negative remarks; show empathy to others, and how to be a caring person. These are all necessary building blocks to not only help the child make the correct choices now, but also later during the difficult teen years. Making Responsible Choices: Lesson 2. Choices. We're all faced with choices in life, but s a kid you don't have the experience to draw from.  Good choices can sometimes be difficult choices. This lesson uses the skit to show about choosing between finishing a promised project and a chance to have fun. There is value in a promise, and in being honest, and the student comes to learn this. Using Good Judgment: Lesson 3. Conflicts associated with teenage years is the focus of this lesson. It highlights the freedom that comes with age, but also the responsibility. Making good choices and not abusing their new found freedom is what this skit is about. Being True To Yourself: Lesson 4. "True" friends and "false" friends, is there a difference? Of course there is and this lesson teaches kids how to identify each; how to . stand up to peer pressure, regardless of the situation. It also teaches about self-respect and self-awareness. Michael Pritchard has been working with students for over thirty years, and through a combination of humor and compassion, he has found a unique way to connect with students to confront, demystify and resolve the issues that growing up presents. Many educators have credited the Step Up To Character DVDs as an important tool in helping students reach their full potential not just at school, but also in life. Encompassing making the right choices, responsibility, and caring for others, students leave school armed with the personal skills that will serve them throughout their life.
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