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Insights 0f Elementary School Counselor

Insights 0f Elementary School Counselor

Over the years, many teachers have continued to use Child’s Work games and activities faithfully, because they have proven to be ideal in enabling their students to learn new ideas and strategies while having fun. For most counselors, it is important for students not to know that they are 'working' or 'learning'. And our games provide just that – as Cheryl Lassey can testify. offers a wide range of products that teachers can use for counseling.Cheryl Lassey Interview Some of our most popular items include games that young girls and boys can play with while their counselor is working with them, to aid in achieving the overall goals of each counseling session.

Cheryl Lassey is a creative elementary school counselor who publishes a the Creative Elementary School Counselor blog. Ms. Lassey uses ChildsWork/ ChildsPlay  products and just happened to mention our website in one of her posts.

We reached out to her for her thoughts about her and her blog. What is your blog about? My blog, Creative Elementary School Counselor, is about everyday life as an elementary school adjustment counselor. I like to blog about different ideas I use with my students in a variety of settings (individual, small group, classroom and lunch bunch). I also like to share ways I decorate and set up my office because I think your office needs to be an inviting atmosphere for all students. Why did you decide to start blogging? I decided to start blogging a year or so ago because I was reading a few counseling blogs regularly, and I really enjoyed reading about the different ways they implement ideas and programs into their counseling departments. I love using technology and thought that I would try something new with blogging and hopefully I could share some of my ideas as well. What made you decide to become a school counselor? I was originally an architect major in college and I was subbing at a charter school during breaks from college. I LOVED working with students who had behavior difficulties, difficult home lives or just needed some extra TLC. This love had me changing majors halfway through my junior year of college. I switched to psychology and finished my degree and graduated on time and went straight into grad school. Do you generally find the use of games during school counseling sessions to be beneficial? I find games and activities extremely useful during counseling sessions, especially small groups and lunch bunches. I think games and activities allow students to learn new ideas and strategies while having fun and they don't even know they are 'working' or 'learning'. Which games, in particular, from, do you use during your school counseling sessions? I have the following games in my office: How exactly do you use the games from during your school counseling sessions? I use Counseling/Thumb balls, Find It and Totika in lunch bunches. I use the other games and activities in small groups depending on the topic being addressed. What aspects of therapy are enhanced through your use of games during counseling? I think it helps to keep the counseling environment fun and upbeat during small group work and lunch bunches. I feel that it is important for all students to feel welcome in my office so if we can play games during small groups and lunch bunches it extremely beneficial for everyone (role models and targeted students). Do you find games to be effective in achieving your goals as a school counselor? Yes, ChildsWork is one of my go to resources when I need materials for my office. In addition to games, do you use any other products for school counseling activities? I have the following items from ChildsWork in my office: Would you recommend games to other school counselors, therapists and parents? Yes, I would recommend ChildsWork (and have!) to other school counselors. I will share some resource ideas with parents as well if I think it is something they can use at home with their children as well.

Visit Creative Elementary School Counselor for more ideas and insights from Cheryl Lassey, elementary school adjustment counselor.


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