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  • Feeling Good About Me by Donna Hammontree
    February 24, 2016 Gary Yorke

    Feeling Good About Me by Donna Hammontree

    Feeling good about me was something I sought for my patients to achieve. Through a game that was developed by Michael R Sheehan, PhD, called The Self-Esteem Game we did achieve it. The first time I played it in my...

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  • Strengthening The Weaknesses by Donna Hammontree
    January 18, 2016 Gary Yorke

    Strengthening The Weaknesses by Donna Hammontree

    Increasing one’s resiliency and overall effectiveness by transforming a weakness involves purposeful focus, practice, study, and willpower. We all have strengths, but what do we do if or when we cannot depend upon our strengths and have to use our weaker...

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  • Child Learning Reveals Strengths by Donna Hammontree
    January 29, 2015 Gary Yorke

    Child Learning Reveals Strengths by Donna Hammontree

    Our children have innate strengths that we can cultivate if we are perceptive enough to identify those gifts. Child learning reveals strengths at times when they are distracted with play.  With a good-natured child, we delight in the happiness the...

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  • Autism and puberty
    February 27, 2013 Gary Yorke

    Autism and puberty

    We will now discuss the topic that no one wants to discuss: Autism and puberty Long before my daughter's hormones began to change I had thoroughly planted myself in denial. Not only would she begin puberty far, far into the...

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  • Empathy Fail
    February 18, 2013 Gary Yorke

    Empathy Fail

    When I put myself in her shoes (oh my god, do these make my calves look fat?) I’m still just a guy wearing woman’s shoes (figuratively speaking).
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  • Valentine's Day Fit
    February 11, 2013 Gary Yorke

    Valentine's Day Fit

    There was a time when I didn't know what to do for my daughter, and so I did nothing. I had too many avenues to explore so I explored none. I had too many behaviors to address and I addressed none.
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  • Unconditional Love
    January 28, 2013 Gary Yorke

    Unconditional Love

    Unconditional love does not require a response. It is not withdrawn sheepishly in the potential lengthening measured metaphorical cricket chirp of the silence that follows its declaration.
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  • Thanks for the Unicorns
    November 20, 2012 Gary Yorke

    Thanks for the Unicorns

    If I breathe, if I shift, if I scratch an itch, this tender, tenuous butterfly of familial intimacy will start and flutter away, and who knows when it will light once more.
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