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Strengthening The Weaknesses by Donna Hammontree

Strengthening The Weaknesses by Donna Hammontree

Increasing one’s resiliency and overall effectiveness by transforming a weakness involves purposeful focus, practice, study, and willpower. We all have strengths, but what do we do if or when we cannot depend upon our strengths and have to use our weaker sides? strengthening the weaknesses Nicole Brancato is a brilliant, right-handed classical pianist from New York.City, Twice she has injured her right hand yet continued to pursue her piano performance goals. To do so however she had to solely rely on -- and strengthen -- her left hand.  Her impressive performance of a left-handed only composition by Bartok Tanulmany Balkezre shows what can be achieved with focus, persistence and commitment. Attainment of the goal does not come hastily, but can come by observing others, reading, reflecting, and preparing before opportunities to “perform!”

Strengthening The Weaknesses

What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? How can you let your strengths rest while you develop your less dominant side? Extroverts, introverts, the more cognitive, the more lethargic, they all have different strengths and weaknesses, and due to different personality traits need to approach strengthening the weaknesses differently. I delve into this in more depth on my blog in the article Strengthening Weaknesses. Nicole -- by the way -- is also my sweet, smart and beautiful daughter-in-law! You can see and hear her perform other pieces on her YouTube channel with both hands! Nicole's story can be inspirational to kids and teens that meet road blocks in their lives, believing that they can not navigate around them. They can, and self-esteem plays a role. For resources about self esteem and communicating emotions, click here.
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