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Trauma Resources Tool Set

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Becoming A Superhero provides young children specific coping skills that will build their sense of resiliency and reduce PTSD symptoms. This book can be used both as prevention and intervention when working with children who have experienced a traumatic event. Ages 5 to 9.

The Trauma Reaction Cards are a therapeutic tool to assist children and adolescents in understanding and identifying their reactions to traumatic or stressful life experiences. All ages

 Let's Talk Coloring Books is a series of four coloring books that make it easier to interview and treat troubled children. Especially helpful in dealing with difficult subjects such as child sexual abuse, these appealing coloring books encourage expression without leading the child. Ages 4 to 9.

Healing Games is a collection of six board games designed to help children who have experienced serious life events that have left them feeling sad, angry, helpless, and even depressed. Ages 6-12.

Blurt It Out! The Say What You Think Game is an engaging game that allows therapists and counselors to assess psychological processes quickly and effectively in a playful and non-threatening way, while helping the child to increase self-awareness and self-understanding. Ages 6 to 14.