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Think it Through card game 2nd Edition (social & communication skills)

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  • Developed as a follow-up to the best seller “Think it Through.” Get your gears going again, with this therapeutic activity created by a School Psychologist, designed to spark conversations! It’s a great icebreaker for parents, teachers, Counselors, or Speech Therapists to engage with children. Works well in individual sessions or as a group activity.

     6 sets with themes: “Daydream”, “Others”, “You”, “Think”, “Reflect” and “Fill in the Blank.”

     Players pick a “Color Card” and choose a matching card with 2 questions each, such as,

    “Talk about something you are good at doing” and “ What do you wish you were better at doing”?  The player can choose to answer one or both of the questions!

     Questions serve to:

    • Help to improve communication skills
    • Provide insight into emotions & behaviors
    • Challenge thinking
    • Build confidence

     Game includes:

     48 cards with two questions per card

    • 6 “Pick a Color” cards
    • 1 Rule card

     Suitable for ages 7 and up


    Box: 4” x 3” x 0.75”     Cards: 3.5” x 2.5”

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