The You & Me Social Skills Collection

Product Number : 61610

Ages: 4-12. Teach kids the day-to-day social skills they need to successfully relate to friends, family, and people at school. This complete You Me Social Skills Collection offers you a variety of tools to help you reach kids with all different types of learning styles. Whether playing the game, engaging in the activities from the workbook, having fun with the ball, or joining in with the card games, this collection affords kids a nonthreatening way to learn critical skills.

Collection includes 1 each of the following:

  • You & Me Board Game
  • You & Me Card Game
  • You & Me Workbook
  • You & Me Script book
  • You & Me Counseling Ball
  • Air Pump (to inflate the ball)
  • Tote bag

    Products also sold individually (except tote bag).

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