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The Talking, Feeling & Doing Everyday Things Toss & Talk Card Game with Ball

Product Number : 5089A

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  • Discuss everyday issues that come up with children
  • Cards feature prompts to reveal issues on children’s minds
  • Great for use in group school or counseling session as an interactive psychoanalytic tool
  • 2+ players
  • Ages 6-12

The Toss & Talk games are intended to help children reveal their concerns and conflicts to an adult who can provide both nurturance and guidance. You will know that the game has been successful when children begin to talk more freely about themselves and start to enjoy the interaction with a concerned adult. These games are theme-focused and are designed to focus on specific areas that are of concern to children.

The Toss & Talk games can be used by mental health professionals, counselors, teachers, and parents. An adult should always play the game with children to model appropriate answers and to encourage self-exploration by all players.

The use of a ball with game play, as well as the use of fun action cards, help take these games to a new fun level enjoyed by children.  The ball can be used with any of the cards in this series.  The ball comes deflated and will need a sports ball pump and needle to inflate. 

Contents:  25 Talking cards, 25 Feeling cards, 25 Doing cards, 25 Action cards, 5" multicolor thumb ball. 

This card game, without the ball, can be found here:  Everyday Things Toss & Talk Card Game