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The Talking, Feeling & Doing Teasing Card Game

Product Number : 2244

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  • Help children open up to an adult about teasing
  • Cards feature prompts to reveal issues on children’s minds
  • For 2-4 players
  • Ages: 6-12

This card game addresses teasing and is designed to help a counselor, teacher, or parent focus on specific areas that are a concern to children. The card game is intended to help children reveal their concerns and conflicts to an adult who can provide both nurturance and guidance. This card game can be played with the Talking, Feeling, Doing Board Game or as a stand-alone game. In much the same way as the board game, the cards prompt children to reveal the issues uppermost in their minds.

33 Talking cards
33 Feeling cards
33 Doing cards
4-sided die
100 Chips

This card game is also part of the Talking, Feeling, Doing Card Set.