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The Social Skills Program Book

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  • Discuss effective communication, conflict resolution, interpersonal styles, and more
  • Includes self-assessments after each section, personal insights, and 25 educational handouts
  • Grades: 5-12

 Divided into five sections, this book focuses on such social skills as effective communication, conflict resolution styles, interpersonal styles, social risk-taking, and social support. Each section has a self-assessment and pre- and post-tests with scoring directions. Choose one of the five modules or present all five depending on the individual, group, or program needs. Each module contains: a self-assessment on the corresponding social skills topic, personal insights section, outlined group experience, pre- and post-test activity, scoring directions, and 25 educational handouts that can be turned into overheads/transparencies on your photocopier. Soft cover, 112 pages.