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The Silent Victims Speak DVD Series

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  • Discuss the way domestic violence affects children and the community
  • Features advice by a panel of experts
  • Leader's guide available online
  • Duration: 20-26 minutes each

Domestic violence not only affects its victims, but their children and the community at large. This 3 DVD series incorporates experiences shared by adults who grew up in violent homes with follow-up from a panel of experts including therapists, social workers, and police officers. Insightful discussions examine the behaviors of abusers and victims while offering coping strategies. 

Titles included are:

Growing Up With Domestic Violence
Unfortunately, the victims of domestic abuse are not only the abused spouse, but his or her children as well. In fact, children who witness domestic abuse are as harmed as those who are physically abused. They live in constant fear and are denied their childhood. Children living in violence often have difficulty expressing their emotions and often lose their personal identity and sense of self-worth. The objective of this DVD is to recognize that the victims of domestic abuse include not only the abused spouse, but his or her children, and the entire community; to understand why people become abusive; to identify the tools abusers use to maintain control over their victims; to examine the concerns of children living with domestic violence; and to promote healing in victims of domestic violence.

Impact of Domestic Violence on Children
Children growing up in violent homes are forced to survive and adapt. Reactions vary from child to child. Some children are reactive while others are proactive. Common effects include: depression, low self-esteem, poor school performance, aggressive behavior, alcohol or drug abuse, and runaway episodes. The objective of this DVD is to review the effect of violence on children, to examine the dynamics of a violent home, to identify the various roles children assume under an abusive parent, and to realize the influence of domestic violence on career and family goals.

Coping With Domestic Violence
Children growing up in violent homes learn survival skills at a young age. They are forced to contend with anger, fear, and insecurity, and must be made to realize that staying safe is their first priority. Some of the common characteristics of resilient children include the ability to distance themselves from destructive events and people, and find mentors or responsible adults to aid and nurture them. Other coping strategies include: practicing meditation/affirmation, writing out emotions, engaging in physical activities, and keeping a healthy lifestyle. The objective of this DVD is to teach survival skills for children growing up in violent homes, to examine the relationship between chemical dependency and abuse, to identify common characteristics of resilient children, to review the six red flags of dating abuse, and to offer solutions to combat domestic violence.