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The Path to Humanity Bingo Game

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The Path to Humanity Bingo Game

Building a personal character of a true humanitarian is one of the most important commitments that can be made in the teen years. While your clients play this bingo game, they will be able to identify the signs of Kindness, Generosity, Love, Social Smarts, and Emotional Awareness. Comes with 16 Bingo Cards, 5 sets of "Calling" cards, Bingo Chips, Handout: How to Stay on the Path to Humanity, Facilitator Guide. Designed for teens.


  • Encourages teens to live a life of kindness, generosity, love and acceptance.
  • Will help your students and clients learn more about themselves while enhancing their virtue and character.
  • Great tool for counselors, social workers, therapists and other helping professionals.
  • Part of the Teen Building Character Program Series.
  • Recommended for teens.