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The Building Resiliency Workbook

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  • Teach teens about the importance of building resiliency skills
  • Topics include: Optimistic Outlook, Locus of Control, Sense-of-Self, Ability to Bounce Back, and Change Management
  • All exercises are reproducible

Written by John J. Liptak, EdD and Ester A. Leutenberg Illustrator Amy Brodsky, LISW-S BRW. Resiliency has been defined as the ability to: manage life's challenges, stresses, changes, and pressures effectively, cope and adapt successfully to adversity, bounce back to a balanced state after facing a major disruption in life or career. People have an innate ability to demonstrate resiliency when they have resiliency skills built into their lives. Resilient people are able to adapt successfully under adverse circumstances such as: poverty, mental illness, disasters, terrorism, physical or psychological trauma, divorce, job loss, prison, loss of a loved one, parents divorce, prolonged stress, physical or sexual abuse, or a lack of safety. Resiliency, or a positive behavioral adaptation, is critical when people encounter any type of trauma.

The Building Resiliency Workbook contains five separate sections to help participants learn more about themselves and how to build resiliency which will enable them to thrive in times of adversity, change and stress. They will learn about the importance of building resiliency skills to turn change and stress into opportunities and challenge, to live life zestfully, and to take positive actions in order to live their lives with less stress.

This workbook is also part of the Life Skills & Mental Health Workbooks Set.