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The Body Image Workbook for Teens

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  • Discuss comparison, negative self-talk, unrealistic media images, societal and family pressures, perfectionism, toxic friendships, and a fear of disappointing others
  • Learn powerful coping strategies for daily pressures
  • Includes practical exercises and tops to address negative body image
  • Help teens stop comparing themselves to others, silence your inner critic, and more

Like most teens, you want to feel good about the way you look. But what happens when the way you look just doesn't feel good enough? Whether it's online, on TV, or in magazines, images of impossibly perfect-and mostly Photoshopped-young women are everywhere. As a result, you may feel an intense pressure to look a certain way. Your friends feel the pressure too, which often creates a secret comparison competition that can make you feel worse about yourself. So how can you start feeling good about who you are, as is? Being a teen girl in today's world is hard, and no one knows that more than you. But if you are ready to stop comparing yourself to others, silence your inner critic, and build authentic, lasting self-confidence-this book is your go-to guide.

This workbook is also part of the Emotional Intelligence Set of 16 Workbooks