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Teen Choices Workbook

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  • Help teens learn to make choices independently and responsibly
  • Includes bonus enrichment activities at the end of each section, reproducible self-assessments, exercises, and educational handouts
  • Sections include: Teen Action Choices, Teen Relationship Choices, Teen Cultural Differences, Teen "not-so-great" Choices, Teen Risk-taking behavior

Written by John J. Liptak, EdD and Ester A. Leutenberg - Illustrator Amy Brodsky, LISW-S. During adolescence, making effective independent choices is often a point of contention between teens and adults (parents, teachers, grandparents, etc.). As teens mature, they face increasing demands to learn to make choices more independently and to take more responsibility for their own choices. Choices allow teens to change how they are currently living their lives (if they are not happy where they are) or continue to live responsibly by making even more effective choices. Each of the five sections in this workbook include self-assessments, journaling activities and role-playing exercises. Additionally, there are enrichment activities included at the end of each section. All self-assessments, activities and handouts are fully reproducible to use with your clients/participants.

This workbook is also part of the Teen Workbooks Set of 8 and the Teen Workbooks Set of 10.