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Teen Aggression & Bullying Workbook

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  • Combines psychological tool for the management of aggressive thoughts and behaviors: self-assessment and journaling
  • Discusses the causes and expressions of teenage aggression
  • Includes: facilitator reproducible self-assessments, exercises, and educational handouts
  • Sections include: Violence Motivation, Environmental Aggression, Are You Being Bullied?, Are You a Bully?, Bystander Behavior, Depression and Suicide

This workbook, written by John J Liptak, EdD & Ester Leutenberg, is designed to help teens engage in self-reflection, examine their thoughts and feelings that lead to feelings of aggression, and learn effective tools and techniques for effectively managing these feelings. The causes of teen aggression and bullying vary from person to person and may include such factors as a teen having been exposed to physical or sexual abuse growing up, violent behavior witnessed in the home or neighborhood, violence in the media, socio-economic issues such as family poverty, need deprivation, unstable family environment, lack of family support and appropriate role models, and exposure to weapons. Teen aggression can take many forms including: Bullying, Fighting, Gang Violence, Rape and molestation, Arson, Destruction of property, Cruelty to animals, Homicide, Indirect aggression such as gossiping or spreading cruel rumors, Shooting and Stabbing, Internet-based bullying.

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