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Taking Cerebral Palsy to School Book

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  • Teach children to empathize with peers who have cerebral palsy
  • Written from the perspective of a child with cerebral palsy
  • Includes a quiz for students and tips for teachers
  • Grades: Pre-K-3

Written by Mary Elizabeth Anderson and illustrated by Tom Dineen, this book is part of The Special Kids in School Series. This beautifully illustrated and fun-to-read storybook tells the story of Chad, a kid living with cerebral palsy. Even though Chad has cerebral palsy, he can still attend school and do many of the same things as his classmates. Written from Chad's perspective, this book answers many of the questions his classmates have but may be too scared or uncomfortable to ask. Children, teachers, school nurses, parents, and caregivers will learn about what cerebral palsy is, the different kinds of cerebral palsy, and special equipment that is available to help kids with cerebral palsy. This book also includes an experiment that allows children without cerebral palsy to experience what the condition may feel like. Book includes a Kid Quiz to reinforce new information and Ten Tips for Teachers to provide additional facts and ideas for teacher use. 32 pages, softcover.

This book is also part of The Special Kids in School Series.