Strategies for Motivation Book & Cards Set

Product Number : 79016

Ages 12 & Up. Whether it's unearthing the motivation to study, find a job, change an unhealthy social situation, or confront a problem, this book and card set will get teens thinking and talking about getting motivated.

Set includes one each of the following:

Strategies for Motivation: Learning Ways to Get Unstuck! Book Ages: 12 & Up. By Nancy Day, OT Reg. (Ont.) and illustrated by Amy L. Brodsky, LISW. This is a collection of reproducible worksheets with facilitator's instructions for each worksheet. 86-pages, spiral-bound, includes CD.

Strategies for Motivation Cards This card deck is designed for people who want to explore ways to get unstuck and feel more motivated. Topic areas include basic information about motivation, strategies for improving motivation, goal setting, reaching out for support, and managing really difficult days. 4-14 participants. 72 Cards.
Card Examples:
Do you think people with poor motivation attract other people with poor motivation? Can you explain how this happens?
What is an activity you can do with another person to avoid spending too much time alone?
Describe the type of environment in which you learn best. How can this awareness benefit you?

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