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Solution City Board Game*

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Solution City
by Ned Engel, Ed.D., Ph.D., ABPP, Julie Banister, M.A., CAS, Jill Elaine Bennett, M.A., CAS, Kimberli K. Breen, M.S., CAS, Patrick S. O'Donnell, M.S., CAS, and Anthony Sasso, M.A., CAS

Combining concrete psychological knowledge and an exciting treasure hunt, Solution City promises to become a play therapy staple. Players earn stickers by successfully answering game card questions from each of six categories (school, bus, car, home, playground, and activity). In the process, they add crucial psychological coping skills to their repertoires. By playing the game, children can master each of the following problem-solving skills: Reframing, Doing Something Different, Remembering Exceptions, and Asking the Magic Question. Children learn to focus on potential solutions to problems by taking decisive action to make things right, instead of dwelling on what's wrong.

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