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Social Skills Comics set of 4 books

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  • Teach children how to behave appropriately in specific social situations
  • Detailed pictures help children observe body language and nonverbal cues
  • Ages: 7-12

This set of fun-filled and interactive illustrated stories help children understand how to behave in certain social situations. Each book features scenarios for the “wrong way” and “right way” to react in a situation. Full color photographs allow readers to observe details such as body language and nonverbal cues.

Set includes one each of the following 4 titles:

Social Skills Comics - Making Responsible Decisions in School

Topics include: Being patient when a teacher is busy with someone else, managing time, taking turns, reacting well to disappointment, staying in your seat, and many more.

Social Skills Comics - Handling Anger in School

Topics include: Solving the problem instead of just getting mad, using relaxation to calm down, learning to apologize, taking control instead of feeling helpless, understanding what's really making you upset, and many more.

Social Skills Comics - Conversation Skills in School

Topics include: reading body language, using humor in conversation, staying on topic, accepting compliments, asking a question, ending a conversation, and many more.

Social Skills Comics - Handling Anxiety in School

Anxiety is a problem often associated with poor social skills. Kids may be afraid of speaking up in class, taking tests, or interacting with others in the classroom or playground.

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