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Social Conflict Workbook*

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The Social Conflict Workbook*
by Berthold Berg, Ph.D.

Full of interesting activities and exercises, this workbook reinforces the skills taught in The Social Conflict Game. Skills learned in this book include:

  • Recognizing that circumstances are often the source of conflict
  • Assuming personal responsibility for conflict
  • Learning the other person's point of view
  • Disputing beliefs that justify aggression
  • Thinking ahead about consequences
  • Using assertive rather than aggressive behavior
  • Using problem-solving skills

Also available:
The Social Conflict Game
by Berthold Berg, Ph.D.

Designed for use with children and adolescents who experience frequent conflict with peers, The Social Conflict Game teaches seven cognitive and behavioral conflict resolution skills to reduce interpersonal antagonism.

The Social Conflicts Inventory, which comes with the game, tells you which cognitive skills to focus on, and in turn, which of the game's 200+ cards to use.

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