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Smart Sharks Hang in There: RESILIENCE Card Game

Product Number : W-626F

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  • Teach children and teens the importance of resilience
  • Help make the connection between resilience and meeting goals and challenges
  • Includes game cards, color foldout, and instructions
  • Grades 5-8

Based on the popular card game 21, players learn key skills while they try to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. This card game teaches players that resilience is one of the crucial character strengths needed for success in school, sports, career and life in general. By learning from past mistakes instead of allowing failure to take over, players will learn key strategies to persevere creating greater self-esteem and confidence. Players will learn that everyone can acquire new skills and strategies to become more resilient. They will learn how resiliency facilitates meeting goals and challenges as well as specific skills for maintaining the motivation to bounce back after temporary setbacks. These skills are outlined on a color foldout.

This card game is also part of the Smart Sharks Card Game Set of 8.

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