Self Reflection Cards

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Ages: 12 & Up. By Lynn Bunnell, M.S. Ed, CTRS, CADC. This card game is designed to facilitate groups or individual sessions aimed at developing skills for gaining insight into oneself. These cards can be used in a variety of creative ways to engage participants in self-reflection as they explore their feelings, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. Instructions include suggestions for activities with groups and individuals.

Share three significant things about yourself that others may not know about you.
Share how you handled a conflict with someone in an unhealthy manner. Is there something you could have done differently?
What two regrets do you have when looking back over your life? Do these regrets prevent you from living life in the present? Please explain.

72 Cards

These cards are based on activities in the Strategies Using Art for Self-Reflection book by Lynn Bunnell, M.S. Ed., CTRS, CADC, and can be used alone or in conjunction with the book. To learn more about this book see product 72282.

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