School Collection

Product Number : 372052

Ages 4-12. If you work in a school as a counselor, school psychologist, or special education teacher, then this is the game collection for you. These four games cover the most common problems encountered in a school situation and are designed for play in individual or group counseling or in the classroom.

Collection includes 1 each of the following 4 games:

Bounce Back Game
This board game challenges players to find answers to problems and reduce their stress level. Children's Version. Item # 350137
The Classroom Behavior Game
This game is designed for children with behavior problems who have difficulty following the rules. This game teaches 12 positive behaviors. Item # 350800
No More Bullies Game
This fun game deals with the problem of bullying. It addresses both the victim and the bully and teaches alternate behaviors to stop the bullying. Item # 350578
You & Me Game
A cooperative board game that teaches day-to-day social skills and social awareness. Item # 350185

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