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Roll A Role: A Social Skills Game Cubes & Cards

Product Number : 5045

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  • Role a Roll games are fun and engaging
  • Uses a stimulating game format to teach children social skills, including making and keeping friends
  • Utilize role-play, modeling and discussion to reinforce skills
  • Complete set - includes the Social Skills Cards and 3 Cubes
  • Versatile! Can be played with 2-8 players
  • Ages: 6-10

 Social skills are an important part of a child's emotional intelligence; studies tell us that a child with good social skills will be happier and more confident, and will often do better academically as well. By contrast, many children have problems making and keeping friends and find themselves isolated throughout their school years, and this social isolation is associated with a wide range of mental health problems. This game is designed to help children learn a variety of friend-making skills. Role-playing their responses can help children incorporate these skills into their behavioral repertoire.

3 Roll-A-Role Cubes
50 Problem cards
20 Solution cards
6 Number cards
24 Think About It cards
100 Chips

This product is part of the Roll a Role Series.