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Rise of the Hero (positive strategies to manage emotions)

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Discover the Hero Inside with this therapeutic activity created by a School Psychologist, designed to learn positive ways to cope with emotions.

 It’s a great way for parents, teachers, Counselors, or Speech Therapists to engage with kids and teens.

 Players learn in a fun way how to cope with negative thinking patterns that may contribute to anger, anxiety, sadness, and social problems.

 Choose your own “Hero” (your personality type) and own “Monster” (emotions you struggle with). “Battle” your Monster by rolling two dice, while boosting your Hero by choosing inspirational cards and collecting tokens.

 Rise of the Hero integrates an original adventure story and cards which encourages discussion and problem solving.

 Game includes:

    8 unique Hero cards

   8 unique Monster cards

   45 playing cards

   3 dice 

   96 "Hero" tokens

   1 instruction booklet with battlefield

 Suitable for ages 7 and up

 Dimensions: Box: 12” x 8.8” x 1.3” 

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